Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mercredi: The Art of Beauty

As the last days of summer tick down on the way to fall, we sometimes experience the most intense heat our climates can dish out.  South Central Alaska will very often have a few days of what is known back east as “Indian Summer”.  This usually occurs in late August, after the kids have gone back to school and lasts for three or four days.  Once it’s over, though, we can generally rest assured that fall is on its heels.

When it’s very warm, particularly if you live somewhere humid, the last thing you want is to smear thick creams and butters on your skin.  You still need to moisturize, of course, but the thought of anything as heavy as the air around you can be overwhelming.  So here is a nice, light moisturizer to make at home for the true dog days ahead.  Most all of the ingredients can be found at health food stores or online.  The added bonus is the refreshing scent of rosemary and mint.

1 tbsp grated beeswax
½ cup almond oil
¼ cup rosewater
¼ cup vegetable glycerine
½ tsp borax
15 drops rosemary essential oil
15 drops peppermint essential oil

Prepare a double boiler and place the almond oil and beeswax over simmering water.  Warm until beeswax liquefies.  Remove from heat.

At the same time, heat rosewater, glycerine and borax in a sauce pan, stirring frequently until borax dissolves.  Remove from heat.

When both mixtures are lukewarm, combine and mix thoroughly, preferably with a whisk.  Now whisk in essential oil four or five drops at a time.  Continue whisking to aerate until the mixture cools.  You can also use a hand mixer on a low setting.  Pour into a plastic bottle with a tight lid.  Shake well before using.

The addition of borax means this lotion will have a relatively long shelf life.  For a really cool treat on a really hot day, pop it in your frig for an hour or so before using.  A votre sant√© ~

Header:  Enchantress of the Ages/Beryl Wallace as Delilah by Henry Clive c 1948


Timmy! said...

This is a good one for just about anyone in the lower 48 this summer, Pauline.

I like the picture at the header too.

Pauline said...

You said it; they've had a lot of heat this summer.

She's pretty, isn't she?