Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

Patchouli actually has a long history in spellcraft and root work as well as the perfume industries.  Of course, patchouli oil is famously the scent of choice for hippies but generally when used in magick the plant and not the oil is preferred.

In hoodoo, patchouli is utilized for attracting love and money and breaking jinxes, particularly those associated with affection or wealth.  Patchouli is also used in hoodoo oils, such as Stay With Me Oil, and in love incenses.  Adding dried patchouli leaves to any of the latter such as rose, geranium or lavender is thought to turn the focus of the incense from love to passionate sex.

Women in particular are thought to use patchouli to great success.  Many workings and mojos to keep a husband happy at home include dried patchouli leaves.  If a woman is looking to attract a man, she might brew a tea of patchouli leaves, rose petals and shavings of Queen Elizabeth root.  This mixture would be added to a bath to be taken before going out on the town or in particular on a date.  As with most hoodoo baths, the person should air dry rather than towel off.  Before leaving the house, a pan of the bath water should be tossed out the front door to bring love home.

To break a jinx, patchouli root is mixed with graveyard dirt and carried in a yellow mojo bag.

Wiccans used dried patchouli in wallets and money drawing sachets.  It is also considered a good ingredient in fertility spells due to its earthy smell.  Scott Cunningham notes that American root workers also use the herb for “separations”, a working he does not clarify, but I can find no other reference to such uses in hoodoo.  Bonne chance ~

Header: Flowers of the Fields by Louis Janmot c 1845


Timmy! said...

Definitely a better scent for women than for men, Pauline...

Pauline said...

In my experience, most people either love it or they hate it. That said, it is a component in many popular fragrances.