Friday, November 19, 2010

Vendredi: Seven of Clubs

The Seven of Clubs is an odd bird, as Grandpa used to say. It can go down one of two very clear paths and, as usual, the rest of the cards around it and the nature of the reading in general determine the interpretation.

First, this card may be a sign of unusual good fortune. Something has come to the querent literally “at long last” and his or her hard work is the result of a heady outcome. If this is the indication in your spread, be sure to ask about any partners or assistants in the endeavor. If there are parties involved of the opposite sex to your querent, this person or these people may harbor some jealousy and try to ruin or at least curtail the seeker’s happiness. A gentle warning that does not insult is called for.

On the other hand, the Seven of Clubs may indicate a need for the querent to step back from a project, job or partnership and take a good hard look at its long term value. In this case, the card is a warning. Things are not going the way the querent expected them to and a shift in gears is called for. The Seven of Clubs is not indicating that the endeavor will fail, just that a new tack is required (and potentially a new partner or partners as in the above meaning; look at any face cards near the Seven of Clubs in such cases and asked pointed questions about the people in the seeker’s life).

And so onward, mes amis. Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Le Tireuse des Cartes, French cartoon c 1800


Timmy! said...

Well, I guess it could be worse, Pauline. A gentle warning isn't so bad...

Pauline said...

It is kind of rude to get up in the querent's face... even if you really, REALLY feel like it.