Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

The humble parsley, that garnish so often seen on the side of your plate at banquets and wedding feasts, is a conundrum in root work. Magickally speaking, parsley is all over the map. Some won’t touch it, claiming it has evil properties and can be used only in jinxing and death spells. Others swear by it for love and fertility, all though those same workers will usually tell you to stay away from it if you are already in love. Cutting parsley will cut your ties to your lover. Still others use it liberally for luck and protection and there is an entire school of thought that says parsley can be used as a substitute for any money-drawing herb.

For me personally, the jury is out. I tend to stick with the uses our ancient ancestors had for parsley and use it as a general protective herb. When using it in cooking, I always do so with intention, asking the herb to protect whoever eats the dish. Romans would tuck a sprig of fresh parsley into their clothes in the morning for protection and make bracelets of parsley to guard against inebriation. They also garnished food with parsley to keep it from being poisoned. Parsley was frequently chewed to alleviate bad breath which is still worthwhile knowing as it works quite well.

Specific to hoodoo, parsley is an ingredient in a money-drawing floor wash. Put a gallon of water on the boil and add a handful of fresh, chopped parsley, half a handful of cinnamon chips, whole cloves, shavings from a lodestone and magnetic sand. Cool and strain through cheesecloth then mop you hard floors with it, working from the front of your house to the back and concentrating on getting needed cash/drawing customers to your business/renting out your property. Your need should be taken care of within 30 days.

Header: The Nursery by William Merrit Chase


Timmy! said...

And if it isn't... at least you'll have a nice clean floor, Pauline.

Pauline said...

Exactly! A good outcome no matter how you slice it.