Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

One of the simple joys of a warm climate is that it affords one the ability to grow a jasmine tree. There is nothing (well, almost nothing) in the world more delightful than the scent of fresh jasmine. It lifts the spirits and, particularly in the case of night blooming jasmine, opens up the more amorous receptors in our brains. No wonder jasmine is believed to enhance herbal mixtures intended to insight love as well as ready the sleeper for psychic dreams.

Alas, only fresh jasmine smells so sweet. Once the flowers are dried they have no scent whatsoever. Although they are still potent in workings to encourage love, the psychic component is gone. For that, essential oil of jasmine must be employed. Fortunately, the oil is easy to come by and the organic varieties in particular are pretty honest relative to content (no other essential oils are added for enhanced aroma, etc).

Use dried jasmine in any sachet or mojo you are putting together to attract love, particularly if you are looking for a more cerebral and less “straight to bed” kind of relationship. The flowers, though generally tagged by herbalists as “feminine”, can be used by men or women, gay or straight. Just carrying the dried flowers in a pocket or purse is thought to make one more attractive to both sexes. If you cannot obtain the dried flowers, use the essential oil. Many root workers suggesting adding a bit of dried parsley to your jasmine oil to up its sexual proclivities. I understand that a bottle of jasmine oil that has had parsley soaking in it for a while can be quite potent, and I’m not talking about the smell. You’ve been warned.

Put a fresh sprig of jasmine on your pillow to help you fall asleep and encourage your memory with regard to your dreams. You can also dab a piece of cloth or the corner of your pillowcase with a bit of jasmine oil to achieve the same result. At the very least it will help insomnia.

Finally, some workers swear by jasmine as an incense for money drawing. Burn the incense in your home frequently while concentrating on the amount of money you need. Alternatively, carry dried jasmine in your wallet to ensure that it never completely empties of cash. Bon chance ~

Header: Love’s Young Dream by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe


Timmy! said...

At my age, "a more cerebral and less “straight to bed” kind of relationship" is pretty much a requirement, Pauline.

Pauline said...

I hear ya. When I think of bed these days I turn into Stephen Maturin and dream of "the blessed sleep". Now, if only I had some laudanum.