Friday, December 28, 2012

Vendredi: Chthonian Histories

... he above the rest
In shape and gesture proudly eminent
Stood like a Tow'r; his form had not yet lost
All her Original brightness; nor appear'd
Less than Arch Angel ruin'd and th'excess
Of glory obscured: As when the Sun new-ris'n
Looks through the Horizontal misty Air
Shorn of his Beams, or from behind the Moon
In dim Eclipse disastrous twilight sheds
On half the Nations, and with fear of change
Perplexes Monarchs. Darken'd so, yet shone
Above them all th' Arch Angel: but his face
Deep scars of Thunder had intrencht; and care
Sat on his faded cheek, but under Brows
Of dauntless courage and considerable Pride
Waiting revenge...

~ John Milton Paradise Lost, 1:589-604

Header: Paradise Lost by Terrance Lindall via Deities and Demons (see sidebar)


Timmy! said...

Love it, Pauline!

I still have the scrap of paper in my wallet with the Milton quote from Paradise Lost that you gave me over 25 years ago. It reads:

"So dear I love you that with you, all deaths I could endure. Without you, live no life... awake to glory!"

Mike Hebert said...

TGIF Pauline! I had a rough day and my face probably resembles the face in picture. We read Milton in school and we talked how he gave a "positive" view of Lucifer/Satan. The most beautiful and powerful angel and hero, brought down. ...a tragedy. Anakin/Darth Vadar... They (Star Wars peeps) probably read some Milton. I'm sure of it. I was feeling the Dark Side today at work, but a good cold beer will save my soul;-)

Pauline said...

Mike ~ beer can fix anything! To better days ahead.

Timmy! said...

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Ben Franklin

Pauline said...

And ol' Ben knew a thing or two.