Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mercredi: The Art of Beauty

Not much time today but wanted to share the picture of the lovely woman above. This is Lottie Campbell and the picture was taken in Utah in the latter part of the 19th century. Lottie's story is a little ambiguous based on the information provided here. Judging from her dress, the year must be around 1890. However the website notes her first husband's parents married in 1888. I know it took a while for fashions to travel "out west" but it is hard to imagine that this very fashionable lady posed for her portrait wearing that gown after 1900.

All that said, isn't she lovely?

Header: Lottie Campbell, photograph date unknown, via A Harlot's Progress


Timmy! said...

Very pretty, Pauline...

Pauline said...

She is too. I just wonder if the ensemble is black or another dark color like blue or purple. Her first husband died rather young, it seems, so it may be a mourning portrait. I just love it either way.