Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jeudi: Root Work

Every once in awhile even the most fortunate among us feel the need for someone or something to keep us safe.  For the most part, this is a psychological condition that is usually manifested by a feeling of anxiety or dread brought on by change.  Being mammals, we’re intimidated by change and we feel the need to put up our guard, so to say. 

Such a situation is tailor made for the kind of working that will result in something we can hold and carry.  At least for me, a pocket piece or mojo bag that I can grip tightly in a moment of worry goes a long way toward helping me stay grounded and face adversity.  Here is my favorite mojo for protection.

1 dime (if the coin is a silver dime – minted before 1947 – so much the better)
1 penny (an “Indian head” penny was originally recommended for this mojo but, as with the dime, a new coin is perfectly serviceable)
1 pinch dried basil
1 pinch dirt from a churchyard (not a graveyard)
1 metal nail
A lock of your hair or your fingernail clippings

Select a square of fabric (flannel is traditional but any natural fabric will do) in a color that best suits your need for safeguarding.  If you are embracing change but anxious to get it over and done, consider black.  Yellow is a good option if you are in the process of healing and looking for renewal.  White is an all-around protective color; red is the most commonly used color of cloth for this mojo as it increases personal strength and power. 

Place all the items listed in the fabric square while envisioning your anxiety and worry slipping away, replaced by an overall feeling of protection.  Bring the corners of your square together and tie up your mojo tightly with ribbon, thread or string.  Dress your mojo bag frequently with a spot of olive oil or, if you have it available, Van Van oil.

Carry this mojo with you as close to your body as possible.  When you feel overwhelmed, hold it in your hand and let it guide you through your anxiety to a state of calm determination.  Bonne chance ~

Header: Our Lady of the Victory of Malaga by Luis Nino c 1740


Timmy! said...

It's funny how much we hate change, when it is one of the few constants in life, Pauline.

That painting is kind of funny too, IMHO...

Pauline said...

Yeah; fear is a great motivator, I guess...