Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mercredi: The Art of Beauty

I love a long, hot bath, as I think I’ve mentioned here on about two dozen occasions.  I figure, though, that while you’re sitting in a tub full of water you might as well multi-task and make it count.  The effort – and it doesn’t take a lot – is worth it because the benefits are exceptional.  Here’s an old hoodoo soak that will help you relax, improve your concentration and even fight depression, especially you ladies.

The original recipe for this bath calls for only the pods of cocoa beans.  Getting your hands on these without the beans in is more difficult in our modern environment where chocolate is manufactured in factory environments and rarely made at home.  Some of you may have access to restaurants or other sources that can spare of few cocoa bean hulls but, if you’re like me and that’s not an option, whole pods with beans in will work fine for this bath.  These can usually be found at farmer’s markets and in the natural foods section of larger grocery stores.  In a pinch, you can even use just the beans.

Take two or three pods (be sure to crack them a bit if the beans are still inside) and put them on a muslin or cheesecloth square large enough to contain them.  Bundle the corners of your square together and tie it up tightly with string.  Put this sachet in a clean tub and run a warm bath.  Climb in and enjoy the earthy, comforting scent as it helps you let go of anxiety and come to a more positive emotional place.

What could be easier, or more enjoyable?  Not much.  A votre santé ~

Header: The Bath by Alfred Stephens


Timmy! said...

That's what Sunday afternoons are for, Pauline...

Well, that and a nice bottle of sprkling wine.


Pauline said...

It's a good thing, I have to admit.