Friday, July 1, 2011

Vendredi: Jack of Spades

Over all, the face cards in the Suit of Spades are potentially just as difficult as the numbered cards.  Since face cards generally represent people in the querent’s life, the first thing that should pop into your mind when you see one in a spread is the word trust.  Or rather, in all fairness, lack there of.  The persons represented in the Suit of Spades are probably untrustworthy; the issue is to what degree.

The Jack of Spades generally represents a younger man or woman who might best be described as dark.  This is not an indication of complexion or even clothing choice, but one of mood.  This person tends to sullenness and possible melancholy.  They are not terribly social and in fact may distrust others to an unusual degree.  Our young gentleman or lady has a hard time communicating as well.

Though all that may sound off-putting, this person has some surprising redeeming qualities.  Many times they are quite diplomatic, even to the point of being peacekeepers among their acquaintances.  They are blessed with physical grace and, despite the dark cloud that hangs over them, are usually quite attractive.

An interaction with this person can go one of two ways: they can become one of your querent’s dearest friends and supporters, or weasel their way into your querent’s affections only to betray them, usually with another friend or a lover.  Look at the cards around the Jack of Spades to get some insight here; many Hearts indicates the former type while many Spades speaks to the latter.

If no person of such description exists in your querent’s world, the card may be pointing to a time of tribulation ahead.  The good news here is that the travails will pass quickly; the sun is on the horizon even before it is missed.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Jack of Spades by *Ryuuka via DeviantArt


Timmy! said...

Oh, those dark "bad boys" (and girls) are always attractive, Pauline... but usually better not to get involved with (on any serious level, anyway).

Pauline said...

So it would seem. Although nothing seems to change by way of such behaviors.