Friday, July 22, 2011

Vendredi: Divinatory Spread

Now that we have wrapped up the Suit of Spades it is once again time to look at a divinatory spread.  Practicing divination on yourself will give you a chance to learn the meanings of the cards in a leisurely and rewarding way.  This spread, sometimes called the Gypsy Method, can be done very simply at first.  As the student becomes more proficient, cards can be added to achieve in depth readings making it ideal for everyone from beginner to adept.

Never skip the usual preliminaries of chatting with the querent and asking them to cut the cards.  That done, lay out seven cards in a fan shape starting on your right and moving left.  Each card represents an influence in the querent’s life with regard to the question they bring to the table.  Reading from right to left, the influences are as follows:

The present psychic state of the querent.
Their present home life.
The question at hand.
The querent’s expectations.
The issues they do not expect or have not thought of.
The immediate future.
The long term results.

This spread is one of my favorites because it allows for a free flow exchange of information between the reader and the querent.  You, as the reader, can look at the big picture first and then begin to pick the issue apart with input from the querent.  The only time I would not use this spread is when I am dealing with an agitated or hostile individual.  In such cases discussion and interaction are not called for by any means; quick answers with a quick reading are your best option.

To go more in depth with this reading, add two or even three cards to each of the seven points on the fan.  This gives you and the querent not only more to discuss but it allows you as the reader to be more specific at each point in the reading as well as with the over all outcome.  Have fun with it; you may be surprised at the insights you uncover.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: La Reussite (The Issue) by Joseph Caraud c 1894


Timmy! said...

And don't bogart the querent's significant other, as we learned last night on that "Deadly Women" show... or was it "Wicked Attraction"?

Pauline said...

I think it was "Wicked Attraction". That whole thing was messed up and kind of the nightmare of every person doing legitimate divination for a fee.