Friday, March 4, 2011

Vendredi: Eight of Hearts

The Eight of Hearts is what I like to call the party card. Unless there are some very dire indications around it – such as the Three of Spade or the Five of Clubs – your querent is in for a good time.

As with everything in life though, there may be a price to pay for all that fun. This card is an indicator that the querent has turned away from the spiritual and is pursuing, possibly at any cost, pleasure on the physical plain. I’m fairly certain that I don’t have to tell you that this kind of behavior is usually a sign of a problem that the person does not want to deal with or will not face. Your job here is to dig around through the spread for clues, ask questions, and determine whether or not this behavior is becoming a lifestyle for your querent. If it is, the potential danger is obvious.

On the other hand, if all things point to a person who is simply outgoing and fun loving, rather than self-destructive, everything is probably fine. I’ve found that if the Three of Hearts is next to the Eight, there’s very likely nothing to worry about and you can simply wish your querent bon fete and move on. Especially this time of year; it is Mardi Gras after all. Vendredi heureux ~

Header: “King Breesus”; New Orleans’ own Drew Brees as Bacchus Krewe King of Mardi Gras 2010


Timmy! said...

So, can we call this one the Charlie Sheen card, Pauline?

Timmy! said...

Oh, and Praise Breezus!

Pauline said...

Ha! I'll just second that Praise Breesus!