Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mercredi: The Art of Beauty

We discussed masks for dry and oily skin over the course of the last two Wednesdays so today it’s time to turn our attention to sensitive skin.  Sensitive skin is a tough nut to crack, so to say, as it can be dry, oily, combination, you name it.  The thing all people with sensitive skin have in common is a thin epidermis that makes them easily susceptible to irritation by environment and products.  It’s probably the most difficult skin problem to tackle because you just never know what’s going to turn you into one big rash.

That’s why natural products that you put together yourself are such a great alternative for people with sensitivity.  You can try each individual ingredient out on your skin, in a discreet place no less, to determine what to omit or keep.  As you experiment, you’ll become familiar with what your sensitivities are and know what to avoid.  But beware: not all those “lists of ingredients” on a bottle from the department and drug store are honest.  They’ve been known to omit a thing or two in an effort to look “natural”.  Even though it’s a little more trouble, doing it yourself ensures that you know exactly what you’re using.

Today’s mask contains pear, which is soothing and restorative at the same time.  The cream helps to calm cranky skin and adds moisture-enhancing fat.

1 tbsp peeled and grated pear (softer fleshed, red apples can be substituted if, like me, you can’t always find a nice pear)
1 tbsp heavy cream
2 drops rose essential oil
Rice flour

Mix the pear, cream and oil in a bowl.  Add enough rice flour to form a workable paste.  Smooth mask over clean skin on face and neck and relax for about 10 minutes.  Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Follow this up with a good moisturizer, preferably one with calendula or chamomile oil in it.  A votre santé ~

Header: Lydia Smith by Gilbert Stewart


Timmy! said...

As you know, sensitive skin is definitely a problem I have experienced first hand, Pauline.

I am just glad that, as a guy, I don't have to worry too much about using "masks" and such. I have enough problems with the products I use on other areas... 'nuff said.

Pauline said...

Some of us just have "things" to deal with. So we deal.