Saturday, November 24, 2012

Samedi: Pictures

Yesterday we talked about the Ban-Sidhe or banshee who keens for the soon-to-be-dead members of her clan. Today a continuation of that discussion in the form of a spine-tingling video by the talented folks over at The Devil's Stomping Ground. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, especially if you watch with the lights out...

And don't stop with "The Banshee", there are more wonderful videos at the site. Enjoy!

Header: Engraving of the Ban~Sidhe haunting her family estate via Wikipedia


Mike Hebert said...

Pauline, I follow both of your blogs and enjoy them a lot. You know so much... have you heard of Madame Grand Doigts? She's evil in some places but where I'm from (Evangeline Parish) she's a sweet "spirit" who brings us presents on New Year's Day. I know you have Louisiana roots and wonder if you have heard of her. And maybe you would know of her origins.

This article from Country Roads magazine gives good information.

short quote:
"This woman was the belle of the town, and all the men wanted to court her. Her popularity led to jealousy from all the other women in town, so one day they invited the woman to a party and put a gris-gris on her beautiful hands. The next morning when she awoke, her beautiful hands were gnarled and full of warts. Ashamed, she retreated..."

Pauline said...

Thanks, Mike; I appreciate your taking the time to leave me a comment.

I am not familiar with Madame but am certainly intrigued. I'd like to do a bit more research, as usual :) Let me know if you have any more suggestions in that regard.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful.

Mike Hebert said...

You’re welcome Pauline. I had a good Thanksgiving and hope you did too!

I’ve been looking for years but no luck in finding origins. From reading your posts I thought maybe you came across her in characters related. Rocky Sexton is an anthropologist like you. He makes anthropology fantastic because he participates! He doesn’t just observe Cajuns but actually gets drunk and runs Mardi Gras with them. And then of course he writes incredible stuff about it.

Well, he directed me to some sources but I still can’t find. Maybe one day. I’m a truck driver but I’m interested in folklore, history and such. Here is a quote and its source.

“…La plupart des jeunes ont eu peur dans leur petite enfance de Madame Grand-Doigt, cette horrible vieille femme aux longs doigts osseux qui se nouent autour de cou, ou encore pire,...”
Les Materiaux ethniques et l’enseignement du francais: l’experience louisianaise
Par Mathe Allain, Gerard St. Martin, et Jaqueline Voorhies
The French Review , No. 6, May 1979 page 864

Timmy! said...

Cool video and website, Pauline.