Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jeudi: Curios

Silver in all forms, as amulets, coins, beads, pieces of jewelry and even as table wear, is a powerful magickal substance in all disciplines around the world. It was one of the first precious metals worked by man because it comes from the Earth in its pure form. There is no need to add anything to silver before working with it. In the past it has been less expensive than gold, as well, making it a comfortable choice for the average person.

In Wicca, silver jewelry is worn to honor the Mother Goddess. This tradition probably goes back centuries and links silver to both Earth and sky. The metal is pulled from the Earth, but has the sparkling quality of the moon and stars. Crescent shaped objects, either to be worn or put on altars, have been made of silver since the dawn of civilization. Even after Christianity and Islam swept across much of the world, the silver crescent continued to hold a place of honor. As one of the attributes of the Virgin Mary, the crescent is still a symbol of the Divine Mother.

In many cultures, silver has always been considered an excellent choice for amulets of protection. As Scott Cunningham notes in his Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, there's a valid historical reason for the literary notion that silver can destroy vampires and werewolves. Crosses of any kind may foil a vampire, but a silver cross trumps all. And what better way to dispatch a werewolf than with a silver bullet?

In hoodoo, as we've discussed before, silver dimes are prized for their money-drawing qualities. Minted in the U.S. until 1945, these dimes are added to mojo bags or carried as a pocket piece. They are also considered good for drawing love or inspiring lust.

Silver jewelry, set with any stone or none at all, can have a wide range of benefits. Cleansed and worn with intention, it can improve psychic ability and encourage psychic dreams. Silver is worn to attract love as well, and the metal's drawing power is increased if it is etched with the planetary symbol of Venus, according to Cunningham. The Celts believed that silver would calm anger and anxiety; just touching a person with something silver could relieve their mental torment. Silver is worn for this purpose today as it is thought to balance emotions and instill inner calm.

I'll end with an excellent, and elegantly simple, money-drawing spell provided by the master, Mr. Cunningham. This working in particular is for the attraction of unexpected cash - something most of us could certainly use - so plan on a little surprise if you use it. Acquire a pure silver coin, if possible; if not, any small piece of silver will do. Empower this and place it under a candle holder. Dress a green candle with olive or money-drawing oil while concentrating on your need for funds. Place the candle in the candle holder and light it with intention; visualize that unexpected money coming your way. It helps if you know the amount you need and can keep that in the back of your mind while the candle burns down and out. Bury what is left of the candle on your property or in a house plant and carry or wear the silver piece to encourage your bank account to grow. Bonne chance ~

Header: Assumption of the Virgin Mary by William Henry Machen via American Gallery


Timmy! said...

That sounds like a worthwhile thing to try...

You are foremost in my thoughts this afternoon, Pauline.

Good luck with your treatment and stay strong.

Pauline said...

It does indeed. And now onward, one step at a time.