Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

The family and I were watching "Chopped" on the Food Network Sunday evening and one of the ingredients used in the competition was spoon fruit.  This is a rather deceptive name for, as Amanda Freitag explained on the show, any fruit or herb jarred in syrup.  It is essentially a quick preserve akin to jam or jelly.  In the case of Sunday's competition, the candied herb in question was bergamot.  I knew a little bit about it; for instance, that Wiccans carry orange bergamot leaves in their pockets or wallets to draw wealth. I was inspired to find out more, though, and then share what I learned with you.

In Wicca, as mentioned above, bergamot - and specifically orange bergamot - is thought to attract money.  Sometimes called lemon or mint bergamot, the leaves are literally rubbed on money, according to Scott Cunningham to ensure its quick return after it is spent. I know a very gifted witch, my friend Lisa, who has updated this working for our modern, paper money-less age.  She rubs a bergamot leaf on her debit card - with focus and intent, of course - before heading out to shop.  Per the Houner, as she was known in college, this "works like a charm."

Scott Cunningham also mentions wild bergamot in his must have Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.  I am not personally familiar with this plant, which Cunningham says it poisonous in opposition to the orange/lemon variety.  He notes that the leaves "bring clarity and good working order to any situation."  If you are familiar with wild bergamot, by all means incorporate it into your workings to such ends.  If not, it might be best to stick to domestic bergamot.

In hoodoo, the focus on attracting wealth with bergamot continues, but with a twist.  Bergamot is one of the main ingredients in Crown of Success Oil.  This is one of my favorite hoodoo oils - I dress my personal mojo with it regularly - as it inspires motivation rather than passive wish-fulfillment. It does not simply draw luck but encourages the effort to succeed in school, business and just about any endeavor that takes work.  Used with intent, it is probably the most useful and powerful oil in the hoodoo cupboard. I, unfortunately, do not have a trustworthy recipe for Crown of Success Oil. That said, authentic versions can be purchased online from reputable dealers such as Erzulie's Voodoo and New Orleans Mistic in New Orleans and the Lucky Mojo Curio Company in California (see sidebar for both).

Bergamot is also used in hoodoo to befuddle the law and draw clientele to illegal businesses.  If you are involved in same, HQ isn't here to help you out.  But you can always do your own research, I suppose...  Bonne chance ~

Header: L'Ete by W.A. Bougeureau via Old Paint


Timmy! said...

I believe my comment when we were watching that show was "what the heck is Bergamot?"... So now you have answered my question, Pauline.

And the Houner: "works like a charm"... Ha-ha, I get it.

But that Crown of Success Oil sounds like some poerful stuff.

Pauline said...

Yeah, well; you know Lisa. And yes; as I note, Crown of Success Oil - used correctly - is worth every penny you spend on it.