Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

Purge me with Hyssop; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow ~ Psalm 51

Even the Bible mentions hyssop as a cleansing herb, and to this day it is especially prized for lifting jinxes and purging negative energy.

Wiccans used the dried herb in sachets for protection.  It is also sprinkled around the house to lift negativity and open the way for positive progression.  Plants are grown in the garden or in pots in the home to help bring about the same result.

Hyssop is particularly popular in hoodoo, both in washes for the home and in baths for people.  A floor wash to reverse crossed conditions can be made by brewing a tea with hyssop and adding this to your wash water.  To increase the efficacy of this working, recite Psalm 51 as you clean and then dispose of your wash water at a crossroads away from your home. 

Likewise, hyssop can be muddled in a half cup of olive oil and then added to four cups of water to make a wash.  The process is said to remove personal jinxes and help to ease the repercussions associated with bad decision making a la the Wiccan "rule of three" - what we do to others comes back to us threefold.  The oil and water should be rubbed on the person in need starting at the head and working down to the feet while they stand between two burning, white candles.  While this is being done, recitation of Psalm 51 is again recommended.  The used bath should be collected, taken to a crossroads at sunrise and disposed of in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (or your higher power as appropriate). 

This is an old bath used by root workers to take away the potential after effects of enacting evil workings on behalf of their clients.  In New Orleans, it is said that this bath was a favorite of "Voodoo Queen" Marie Laveau and the root worker known as Dr. John for just such purposes.

An easier, if less effective, bath can be achieved by steeping a muslin bag full of hyssop in your regular bath water.  Doing this once a month or so is said to crack off that negative crust that our modern environment can to easily inflict on us.  Bonne chance ~

Header: Interior With Two Tapers by V. Hammershoi via Old Paint


Timmy! said...

I could use some of that right about now, Pauline.

Pauline said...

I need to replenish my supply of hyssop. I can only agree with you that cracking off that negative crust would feel good right about now.