Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jeudi: Weather-Wise

Superstions die harder in some areas than in others.  In a place like New Orleans and the bayous that surround it, weather signs are so engrained as to be almost second nature.  Here are just a few summertime weather signals and superstitions from that wonderful catalogue of all things Louisianan, Gumbo Ya~Ya; Lyle Saxon, editor.

Bullfrogs sing when rain is coming (the old Cajun saying is Laplie tombe ouaouaron chante.)
Killing a cat or a reptile will bring hard rain.
Good weather is coming in summer only if the night before was clear.
Heavy dew is a sign of fair weather.
A whirlwind in the dust of the street heralds dry weather.
Rain or tears at a wedding brings bad luck.
“If the oak is out before the ash, it will be a summer of wet and splash.  If the ash is out before the oak, it will be a summer of fire and smoke.”

All of these may work anywhere, although the one I wish most for is the first.  We’ve no bullfrogs here, and I remember their singing fondly…  Bonne chance ~

Header: The Old Absinthe House by Louis Oscar Griffith via American Gallery


Capt. John Swallow said...

Ahoy Pauline! While I'm certain I introduced ye to one o' our "extended family" down in Bayou Dularge, it's possible I forgot (bein' an ol' Pyrate, with too many New World stresses on his mind) intro and a gift, all in one!

Capt. Wendy Wilson Billiot - a woman o' many talents with a passion for her home in the Bayou and the folk it supports, mother o' some fine children and a husband who is o' the Houma Nation and a Captain (though, sadly, retired due to early onset Alzheimers)...tourguide, fisherwoman and author...aka "Bayou Woman".
Here's the gift part (well, knowing Capt. Wendy and her family is a gift itself, following her blog another, so...THIRD gift)...Wendy recorded the Grenouilles singin just recently - and while there are no Bullfrogs in this aria, there's a lot o' other varieties!

A vôtre santé!

Timmy! said...

I can't say that I am familiar with any of those, Pauline. But I do remember seeing whirlwinds in the dust ("dust devils") when we lived in SoCal...

Pauline said...

Thank you, Captain! That is a true kindness to one so far from home :) And I do remember the introduction to Captain Wendy; may she be blessed.

Timmy! Yeah; in So Cal it's pretty much desert weather signs regardless of what the locals would have you believe. "Dust devils" are a prominent part of that kind of regional weather-sign.