Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jeudi: Curios

The beautiful, deep blue stone known as lapis lazuli has been used for magickal purposes since the most ancient times.  In fact, it may have been one of the first precious gems actively sought by our ancestors.

Lapis lazuli has always been associated with kingship, possible because of its almost purple color which is sometimes flecked with golden pyrite.  It was highly prized in ancient Middle Eastern civilizations such as Sumer, Assyria, Egypt and Phoenicia.  In Sumer, the adornments of the gods were said to be made of lapis lazuli.  Rulers had their cylinder seals, spool-like, carved seals that would be rolled over soft clay to leave a recognizable mark, made from the stone.

Phoenician pirates admired lapis as plunder.  In Ancient Egypt it was used in not only jewelry but household items and even furniture for the royal and wealthy elite.  Physicians ground lapis lazuli into a powder and mixed it with various ingredients to cure everything from headaches to aging.  Thanks to the Egyptian’s funerary rituals, we are blessed with a wealth of beautiful objects inlaid with intricate designs of lapis lazuli such as the bracelet shown above.

Warriors favored the stone as well and carried it into battle to allow them to be courageous unto death.

In modern magick, the stone is still used for healing.  It is said that holding, carrying or wearing lapis can calm nightmares, ease anxiety, reduce fever and improve eyesight.  The stone is often used by psychic healers when performing rituals for people who are physically removed from where the healer is.

Lapis lazuli is also thought to increase psychic awareness.  Wear, carry or hold a piece of lapis before and/or during a reading of your chosen divining medium such as runes or cards.  The stone is thought to break the dominant conscious mind’s hold on the subconscious, allowing for more accurate use of the divining tool.

According to Scott Cunningham, lapis is also a love-drawing stone.  He recommends using a raw, unpolished stone that has a point or sharp edge.  This along with a pink candle should be empowered with your need for love.  While still concentrating on love, etch a heart into the candle wax with the lapis.  Light the candle and place the stone close to the candleholder.  Relax, and continue to envision love entering your life as the candle burns down and out.  Bonne chance ~

Header: Ancient Egyptian bracelet of gold and lapis lazuli c the 22nd Dynasty via The Ancient World


Timmy! said...

That is a beautiful bracelet, Pauline.

It seems like so many of these things are used to draw love, though... You would think that it was a universal need, for some strange reason.


Pauline said...

It is; you'd think the Egyptians were master jewelers or something.

And yes; the only close second to love attraction as far as any magickal system, herb or curio is concerned is prosperity/luck followed by protection. As I mentioned recently in another discussion on the web, love is just love - and we all need it.