Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

Rue is an herb used in a number of mundane preparations from cooking to makeup to medicine.  It is also considered very flexible in magickal communities.  Root workers use rue to uncross, protect and cleanse.  In Wicca it is also considered a love herb.  The scent of fresh rue is said to clear one’s head and improve focus.

Much of the focus on rue in hoodoo centers around incense mixtures.  Dried rue burns with a misty, sweet smelling smoke that is easy to see so it is not surprising that rue is used for “smudging”.  This is the use of incense smoke to protect homes, humans and animals from ill and to drive away evil from all three.  Just a few incense mixtures that include rue are:

One part each rue, sandalwood, frankincense and camphor burned on charcoal will cleanse the home and the body of supernatural troubles including jinxes and illness.

Similarly, one part each of rue, lavender and sandalwood will lift a love trick.

One part each of rue, verbena and benzoin (or mistletoe), again burned on charcoal, will keep a household healthy.

Placing a bit of rue in a man’s shoe is said to hold him even if other people are throwing love jinxes his way.  A bath in rue tea can also break love tricks and/or give you clarity about your lover’s intentions for your relationship.

In Wicca rue is used as a house cleanser, with washes made from it used to scrub walls and floors and fresh leaves rubbed on floorboards.  This is thought to neutralize any evil lingering in a home that is new to you.  Juice squeezed from rue leaves and stocks is mixed with morning dew to protect magickal circles.

Old wives said rue touched to the forehead would ease headache.  Worn around the neck, rue will hurry recovery from illness and help prevent future disease.  Arrangements of rue hung on a home’s doors will keep evil away and rue sprigs can be used for sprinkling salt water to cleanse any space.

Scott Cunningham tells us that rue is excellent in the garden as it will protect your outdoor space.  To be truly effective, though, the plant must be stolen from another’s garden without the thief being caught.  Bonne chance ~

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Timmy! said...

Welcome back, Pauline. Sounds like you and the girls could use some rue worn around the neck about now...

If I knew what it looked like I might try to see if the neighbors have any I could steal for you...

ANOTHER Blogger problem? Wow, that is SHOCKING, Pauline... Oh well, at least it is letting me post comments today.

Pauline said...

We do; if I had a little more energy I might go out and get some since I am currently "rue-less".

I guess they fixed the comment problem.